Caesar Fireplace is a professional and reliable hardware company, manufacturing many kinds of products including our luxury electric fireplace.

Our commitment to research and development has produced the incredibly lifelike and interchangeable flame effect that continues to lead the industry.

Company Overview

Caesar Fireplace represents the feeling of warmness at its maximum expression.

Touching, kissing, caressing, and embracing are warm feelings that make us feel good. Because the world of feelings has so many ways of manifesting itself, Caesar Fireplace presents four different proposals designed to make life more pleasant.

Contemporary, timeless, classic and revolutionary are the lines through which Caesar Fireplace expresses its sense of warmth in an exquisite collection of electric fireplaces that protect and envelop the most intimate feelings. Caesar Fireplace also strives to combine artistic creativity with modernity.

We have designs to suit every decor and mood. Our fireplaces feature our incredibly lifelike, patented flame effect and comes with excellent aftersales service. Caesar Fireplace allows you to choose from 6 different media kits to suit your home décor and adjust the flame color according to your mood or occasion.

Our product designers and engineers study the great fireplace traditions of the past as well as keep a pulse on the latest world-wide trends of today to offer the most comprehensive and diversified product line available. We also design the products according to the customer’s demand, and we will always improve and develop our products in every aspect to keep customers satisfied. With the introduction of the linear electric fireplaces, Caesar Fireplace made it possible to install a fireplace safely in virtually any room in the home. Practically overnight, the hearth industry changed from primarily gas-operated to electric fireplaces.

Caesar Fireplace now offers high-end, luxury linear fireplaces with unique surrounds and distinctive accessories, all designed to meet discriminating homeowners’ desire for comfort, beauty and elegance.