Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about Caesar Fireplace? Our FAQ will help you with initial and frequently asked questions.

General Questions

I'm in love with your products! Where can I buy them?

You can find our products on most online retailers such as Amazon, Houzz, Walmart, Wayfair, Shopchimney,, etc.

Why do you not post prices on your website?

The selling prices for Caesar Fireplace products are set by the authorized retailers who sell them. Please contact a dealer near you for current pricing.

I'm not sure how to use the product. Who do I ask?

If our instruction manual (the booklet that comes with the fireplace) makes no sense to you, feel free to contact us and we will walk you through it!

Are there warranty on your products?

We’re glad you asked! Yes! All of our products come with 1 year limited warranty when you purchase it from one of our authorized online retailers.

Electric Fireplace

What am I getting when I buy an electric fireplace?

There are two main reasons people by electric fireplaces the first is they make excellent decorative focal points and create ambiance and coziness in any room. Who doesn’t love a fire? Watching the flames can be hypnotic relaxation.

The secondary benefit is they can be a supplemental heat source for warming up a room. And, unlike a traditional fireplace, you have direct control over the amount of heat being generated. Control is as simple as flicking a switch on and off.

How do electric fireplaces work?

The heat and flame effect are generated directly from electricity, you just plug them in and they are good to go. There is no need for chimney flues, or vent pipes. The heat emitted is clean and safe with no smoke, gases, or dirt being generated.

Electric fireplaces have the highest heating efficiency of any type of fireplace at roughly 99%. They are very inexpensive to operate.

Are the flame effects realistic?

That is a very subjective question. In general, electric fireplaces being built today have far superior flame effects than those of even a couple years ago. There are high and fireplaces that almost perfectly replicate natural flames. Some fireplaces focus on producing very realistic flames while others have special effects with blue and purple flames.

Which style you prefer is up to your own personal taste.

Can the flame be adjusted?

Yes. Caesar fireplaces have controls that allow you to adjust the background light and speed of the flame to create an ambiance to suit any mood.

Is it possible to purchase your fireplaces without the heating element?

No, however, most of our fireplaces can operate with or without heat through independent controls.

How large of an area will my electric fireplace heat?

Our electric fireplaces can function as a supplemental heat sources for rooms up to 400 square feet.

Does the glass front of an electric fireplace get hot?

No, the glass front always remains cool to the touch and is perfectly safe for children and pets. The heating element is separate from the flame effect area and is located above the glass on a firebox and below on log sets and freestanding stoves. The heating elements are set behind safety screens and do not get hot enough to burn.

Does your fireplace need any venting or a chimney?

No, our fireplaces are all vent free, so there is no need for any chimney, venting, or gas lines. There is no open flame, no mess or clean up either. You may place or install them on an outside or inside wall, upstairs or down. They are a great option for any home, apartment or condo.

Can a Caesar Fireplace or stove be easily relocated?

Yes! Unlike gas fireplaces, which require venting fuel pipelines, a Caesar fireplace or stove just needs to be unplugged! When you need a change you can move it to a different room and when you move to a new home you can take your investment with you.

Will the Caesar fireplace insert fit into my existing fireplace opening?


The Caesar fireplace insert is designed to fit just about any fireplace opening with ease.


Can I set my fireplace up myself?

Yes! Just take it home and plug it in! Caesar fireplaces or stoves plug into any standard 120-volt outlet and do not require a dedicated circuit. It’s as easy as plugging in a lamp! In addition, a Caesar fireplace or stove does not require any venting pipelines for fuel or expensive professional reconstruction to your home. Whether a Caesar fireplace or stove is being installed into one of our many attractive mantels or into an existing fireplace opening, installation is fast and easy!

Where can I put a Caesar fireplace or stove?

You can put a Caesar fireplace or stove in just about any indoor area as long as it is clean and dry. Whether you want to add ambiance to your living room, family room, bedroom, kitchen, foyer or dining room, as long as there’s an outlet, there’s no problem! Caesar fireplaces are perfect for single family homes, condominiums, apartments, mobile homes or cottages.

I lost my owner's manual. Where can I request a copy?

No worries! You can download the A series owner’s manual here and the B series owner’s manual here.

Are Caesar Fireplaces Safe?

Caesar fireplaces and stoves have full electrical certification throughout North America for complete peace of mind. To ensure the safety of your family members, no combustible energy sources are used to produce the flame. This means that you never need to worry about oxygen depletion or carbon monoxide poisoning in your home. The glass remains cool to the touch to ensure children don’t burn their hands on the glass. It also does not contribute to indoor moisture or mold concerns. Other features include impact resistant safety glass and safety cut out with reset controls.

California’s Proposition 65

California’s Proposition 65, called the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, gives California consumers the right to know when products contain chemicals known by the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.

While the proposition is pretty old, it’s been brought into new light in recent years as the state of California is now requiring businesses and manufactures to inform consumers about exposure to chemicals on the list.

As of August 30, 2018, manufacturers of products sold in California were required to notify consumers when products contain chemicals on the state’s Proposition 65 list.

We have updated our website and packaging to include these warnings. You can find the warning near most product UPC labels and on our website under the Specifications tab on product pages.

If you’d like more information on Proposition 65, please visit California’s Proposition 65 FAQ page.

Patio Gas Heaters

What size propane tank do I need for my patio heater?

Most full size patio heaters use a standard 20 pound propane tank. These are the same type of tanks that are commonly used with BBQ grills.

What size propane canister is used on a table top patio heater?

Table top patio heaters use a one pound propane canister that can be purchased at most home improvement stores.

Are your patio heaters portable?

Yes. Our propane gas heaters are easily moved to any area you want because they simply connect to 1 or 20 lb. propane cylinders to operate.

What are the clearances to combustible materials for gas patio heaters?

Consult your owner’s manual and check your state and local codes to make sure that you meet the required clearances to combustible materials.

Do the LP tanks come with propane gas patio heaters?

No. Standard 20lb. liquid propane cylinders will need to be purchased separately.

Can I use my gas patio heater indoors?

Gas patio heaters should not be used in enclosed areas. Outdoor gas heaters should only be used in rooms that have open areas to allow fresh air to enter the room.

How much clearance is required above my patio heater?

Patio heaters must have clearance on all sides. It is recommended that there be three feet above the unit and two feet on each side of the unit.

Can my patio heater be used on a wooden deck?

Patio heaters can be used on wooden decks provided that they are never left unattended. Like any fire, a responsible person of the age of majority must be present during all use.

Can my gas patio heater be used when it's extremely cold out?

Gas patio heaters will operate with decreased efficiency if the external temperature drops below 40 degrees F.

Can I use my gas patio heater when strong winds are present?

Most outdoor gas heaters are designed to be operated in winds up to 10mph. If the wind exceeds 10mph during outdoor heating, outdoor gas heaters will blow out and the gas will shut off.

Can I leave my gas heater out in the rain?

No. Outdoor gas heaters should be stored in the upright position in an area that is sheltered from direct contact with rain and other inclement weather conditions.

Can my propane patio heater be converted to natural gas?

Our patio heaters are manufactured and safety certified for LPG only and we do not recommend altering them in any way. To do so could cause irreparable damage to the unit. If your home has a natural gas hook up then you should consider purchasing a natural gas patio heater.

How much does a gas patio heater cost to operate?

Based on a 40,000 BTU rating, an outdoor gas heater that operates on liquid propane will cost on average $1.60 per hour to operate. This is based on the operation of the outdoor gas heater itself as well as the average cost of filling the propane cylinder which is about $16 to fill a standard 20lb. cylinder. A standard 20lb. propane cylinder will last for up to 10 hours in an outdoor gas heater.