Classic Log Series.

Design That Defies Convention – The Vertical Fireplace Collection offers the mystique of a tall flame.

A portrait of flawless performance and technical excellence, the Log Series Vertical Electric Fireplace is as grand and expressive as the fire within it. For an engaging presentation that excites, look no further. With this Caesar Electric Fireplace, your worries shrink – no exposed flames, dangerous pilot lights or hot stove surfaces. Fill your home with the warmth and glow of a fireplace without the soot and smoke, with the Caesar Fireplace 35 inch vertical wall mount electric fireplace. Built with a sturdy steel and tempered glass, this wall mounted unit is perfect for heating smaller rooms or serving as a decorative focal point. This electric fireplace comes with classic logs to change your lighting aesthetic. Heating and illumination levels can be easily adjusted via push button or remote control, and an automatic safety cutoff will protect your fireplace from overheating.


  • STYLISH AND PORTABLE: Elegant freestanding design electric fireplace heater with classic metal finish and copper effect handles – great for the home, garage and workplace.
  • REALISTIC LOG FLAME EFFECT: Use it with the heat function or independently for an attractive visual, providing the ambiance of a gentle rolling fire all year long.
  • 2 heat settings: 1500W – for medium to large rooms / 750W for smaller rooms.
  • This heater is equipped with a overheat safety feature. When the heater’s internal components reach a certain temperature that could cause overheat or possible fire, the heater will automatically shut off.


Available in one model:


  • Dimensions: 22.7 x 4.8 x 34.4 inches. Weight: 23 lbs.


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